4 Times The Walking Dead Twisted The Truth


The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has said that he sometimes “makes stuff up” when an actor asked him about a scene from the comic book. The actors are getting ready for a role, so in order not to be “rude,” he just lies about the dialogue. But his biggest lies are said on stage, in interviews, with the entire world watching.

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

The first major lie Robert Kirkman told fans was the that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead would never cross over. While he’s not the head honcho at AMC, he is someone who should be an authority on the show and the comic book.

This, however, is a lie we can get behind because it benefits fans in the end. But some of the others are less forgivable.

1The Walking Dead’s Biggest Lie (So Far)

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The biggest lie in the history of The Walking Dead (so far) is Glenn’s fake dumpster death. Not only did they end an episode with Glenn (presumably) being ripped to shreds by walkers, but they even took the actors name from the credits.

A few episodes later, we finally caught up with Glenn Rhee. Apparently, the guts on top of him were coming from the other guy. Somehow, he managed to wiggle his way underneath a dumpster to freedom.

Hundreds of walkers surrounded him, but the visual was purposefully deceiving.

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    It’s SO FUNNY how everyone likes to over THINK EVERYTHING, just saying! Love life love laughing love family and friends!

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