Fans Think They ACTUALLY Know Who Will Be Executed Next…


Among the various characters in hot water on The Walking Dead, there are four with particularly low survival chances. In Season 8, we’re worried about the future for Gregory, Eugene, Dwight, and even Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

First of all, there’s Gregory. As someone who tries to play both sides like a politician, he’s going to end up being on neither side. So far, Maggie has decided to spare his life, but it’s possible that someone like Tara could kill him.

Eugene And Dwight’s Dilemma The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Both Eugene and Dwight are possibilities to be on Negan’s chopping block. After Rick Grimes attacked the Sanctuary, Negan and his men made it clear their main priority is to find the rat.

So far, everyone looks like they’re going to suspect Eugene as the rat. In order to save himself, Eugene is making sure he finds the rat. With that in mind, he’s looking at Dwight.

Both Dwight and Eugene have put others at risk to save themselves. If they don’t join sides soon, this could happen again.

Daryl Dixon’s Vigilante Justice

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to the flip-flopping Dwight, Eugene, and Gregory, there’s also Daryl Dixon. While it’s clear that Daryl would never change sides, his actions are becoming more and more extreme, to the point of hurting Rick Grimes’ plan.

When Daryl and Rick got in a fight during “Big Scary U,” Daryl made it clear that he would do anything to win. With that in mind, Rick has to wonder where Daryl Dixon will draw the line.

Not only did he use an illegal fighting move, but he was also willing to kill innocent people in order to win the war. While it’s unlikely that Rick would ever execute Daryl, he had to kill Shane Walsh back when Shane crossed the line.

If there’s more divide within Rick’s group, he’s going to have to make some major decisions as to how to handle those who disagree. It started with a debate between Jesus and Tara, but now things are getting more serious.

Do you think there’s ever a chance that Rick would put Daryl in a jail cell until he calms down?

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