3 Reasons Why Georgie On The Walking Dead Isn’t Pamela Milton


Fans of The Walking Dead were surprised to see the unusual encounter with Maggie and newcomer Georgie. After Hilltop spotted an unusual package outside the gate, many assumed it was a peace offering from Jadis. But we quickly learned that it was actually a new group in the undead universe. Some thought it was Pamela Milton.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Three women made up of Georgie, Midge, and Hilda, showed up with something to trade with Hilltop. Unlike other recent guests, the newcomers had been watching Hilltop, but they showed up and offered a peace offering. Also, they didn’t want anything other than records and they offered knowledge for trade.

Clearly, Maggie and the others showed their distrust right away. After all, no one can really be trusted in the undead universe (we’re seeing this in Morgan’s continued journey on Fear the Walking Dead). But, after some back-and-forth, Georgie made it clear that her trade was worthy of Maggie’s time.

This could mean a time jump for Season 9 The Walking Dead, but we do not believe that Georgie will turn out to be Pamela Milton.

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