Want To See All TBBT Starts Evolving In A Single Episode?


In The Big Bang Theory‘s latest episode, we saw characters evolve, plot lines shift, and we even spotted a guest star or two. In The Comet Polarization, each character developed and taught something new about there relationships and individuals on this show. That’s why TBBT is still going strong- these writers have yet to go stale.

11 Seasons and it’s Still Fresh

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It’s been 11 seasons of The Big Bang, and yet the writers are still able to pull out fresh story lines and jokes. After so many episodes you’d think that things would start to get stale. But they totally haven’t. Why has this show been so successful? Where has the longevity come from?

The cast members of TBBT believe they have the writers to credit for their long run. Kunal Nayyar said at this year’s Paleyfest, “I’ve always said that one of the greatest things about this show is that the writers have done a great job with these characters evolving. To have an ability to explore your character through those trials and tribulations has been wonderful. It really has been a dream come true because it’s not stagnant, and it is real.”

Simon Helberg Agrees

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Simon Helberg agrees with Kunal Nayyar. He added, “It’s so hard to break down, I think there are some obvious components. The writing is spectacular. The attention to character and keeping things truthful. Run by Chuck Lorre Steve Molaro Bill Prady, they’re genius showrunners.” 

The character development on this show is ever evolving. Though we’ve seen these same individuals for 11 seasons now, we’re still learning new things about them in each episode. Simon explained, “They know how to develop characters at a pace that people like to watch television at. which is slowly. That’s why we’re still on these characters don’t make huge leaps every week. it takes six years for Sheldon to hold a girl’s hand.”

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