Watch The Hilarious Heads Up Battle Between Kaley Cuoco And Ellen


Ellen’s app, Heads Up, was the number one app when actress Kaley Cuoco came to visit. Essentially, you put the app to your head and then you have a time limit for the other player to give you clues. The duo chose a round on “Animal Sounds.”

Kaley Cuoco easily got cow and elephant but had some trouble with seal. By the time she rolled around to flamingo, she had to stand up and act out the animal. The real hilarity began when she started acting like a crab.

Just before the time ran out, she got a frog. The app also recorded the actions, which was a real treat for the fans.

Kaley Cuoco Battles Ellen In Heads Up

In the next round, Ellen had to play her own game. She acted out a chicken, a chimpanzee, a horse, a kangaroo, a donkey, a duck, and turtle, but Cuoco wasn’t able to guess the last move.

Unlike Taboo, Ellen used whatever actions and hints she wanted to in order for her partner to guess. The restriction on Heads Up is the time limit, rather than the words or actions.

Either way, the game appears to be fun for all those involved.

Actor Owen Wilson Gets In On The Fun

One of the other top videos of Heads Up features actor Owen Wilson and Ellen playing the hit game. “I heard you like to play games,” said the host to Wilson. Seated on her talk show, the duo got ready for a head-to-head match.

Instead of games, they picked the category “Blockbuster Movies.” The first round was Superman, followed by Twilight, Pretty Woman, Elf, Flashdance, When Harry Met Sally, and Rain Man before the time ran out. Ironically, Wilson’s movie Wedding Crashers was the next one on the list.

Ellen had to act out Austin Powers, Groundhog Day, Marley & Me, E.T., Indecent Proposal, Finding Nemo, Batman, and Night at the Museum. Surprisingly, it took Owen Wilson a while to get Finding Nemo (which stars Ellen) and even longer to get Night at the Museum (which stars Owen Wilson).

Have you played this hilarious game from The Ellen Show?