The Big Bang Theory – Amy` s bachelorette party


For her party, Amy imagines strippers and body shoots involved–but that’s not what Bernadette and Penny have planned. Instead, they’ve organized a quilting bee–yes, that popular social event from the mid-1 9th century during which girls gossiped over tea and quilting. Now, I love a good scrapbooking afternoon myself, but as a replacement for a bachelorette party? Uh , no. Of course, it doesn’t matter what event the girls have planned for Amy because the real prize for us spectators is Amy’s hilarious puzzled reaction. I expected a “just kidding !” from Penny and Bernadette throughout the quilting bee, but perhaps I just know Amy better than they do.

That’s fine, though, because Amy’s feign “I’m having a fun face ” is pure gold; not to mention Penny and Bernadette’s attempt at being 19 th-century socialites enjoying teatime. It’s all too much for Amy to handle. When they clink their teacups together, it’s the last straw. “Seriously, what the hell ?!” she tells. “This is my bachelorette party! Tea and quilts ?!” The write is perfection, but it’s Bialik’s spot-on delivery that induces it worth re-watching.

Amy says her bachelorette party is supposed to be fun and wild and full of bad decisions, to which Penny quips, “[ Bernadette] had two kids back to back, and I thought you’d like this, so we’re off to a good start !” She’s on to something…this was definitely one of Penny’s more questionable decisions.

But it’s all good because Bernadette says they can still go somewhere to do body shots off, shirtless bartenders. Amy counters that this might be a little too much, hoping that Penny and Bernadette consider right through her. Once again, they do not. “What are you not get about this ?!” Amy shouts. The whole thing is so good, but no astonish there.

A bit later, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy walk into a rather upscale bar and, well, this happened 😛 TAGEND

I could have watched Amy make friends with the customers all night rather than hang with Penny and Bernadette. She’s so infectious and overjoyed at her upcoming nuptials that I don’t want this night to aim. Amy’s the kind of woman who infectiously claps for herself and couldn’t care less if her glass are sliding off her face from smiling so much. She’s so unabashedly herself that I feel like I’m get a lesson in confidence merely from this episode alone.

Twelve minutes later though, she’s passed out at the bar while Penny and Bernadette continue downing shootings. The only good thing about Sheldon’s parallel tale at this point is that he realise he no longer wants to be at the cabin because he misses Amy…and his telephone. It’s a sweet moment that we’ve ensure too little of this season.

But back to Amy: She’s passed out on Penny and Leonard’s couch until she’s jolted awake to determine herself covered in a half-finished quilt and sporting raccoon eyes. Wanting their friend to suppose she had a wild night out, Penny and Bernadette hilariously work to cover up how tame Amy’s party really was. Penny asks Amy if she remembers river dancing for a shirtless fireman, and Mayim’s reaction is what Emmy wins are made of.