5 Times Kaley Cuoco Was Too Relatable For Words


Kaley Cuoco is everyone’s favorite girl next door (literally, in The Big Bang Theory‘s case). She’s gorgeous, funny, and seems to be surprisingly down to earth. Here are five times she was way too relatable for words. We would totally invite her to our next girls’ night.

Kaley Cuoco Is The Girl Next Door

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On The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco has literally played the girl next door for over 10 years. Her character Penny is the hot but not-so-smart girl who lives across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. On the show we watch Penny succeed despite her lack of education based on people skills and common sense. She’s incredibly relatable and a totally good friend.

Something tells us Kaley Cuoco isn’t too far off from her character. The actress always seems to be doing something fun, and she’s never prescribed to the “glamazon” stereotype. Unlike much of Hollywood, Kaley isn’t afraid to keep it real with her fans and let down her hair a little. Despite being one of the highest paid actresses on television, she’s managed to stay relatively down to earth, and incredibly relatable. Here are six times we just couldn’t get enough of her.

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