Sometimes rednecks are geniuses. Other times, not so much.

RedneckThis redneck has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, but he’s about to find out (photo via Country Rebel) Rednecks love to make DIY things using random stuff that just happens to be lying around, sort of how Uncle Si made a home-made swimming pool in the back of a pickup truck using a tarp.

Well, that’s similar to what happened in this case…

This redneck built a home-made water slide. Let’s just say he starts out super excited and the end result is him regretting what he just did.

(It should be noted, even after this redneck fail, the man was able to laugh at himself enough to post this video on YouTube).

“This is the Redneck Waterslide!” he says jubilantly into the camera. 

He runs out of the frame and we see what can only be a redneck concoction of a water slide. His two kids stand by to watch. 

“Go daddy! Go daddy!” his daughter shouts with excitement while jumping up and down.

The man goes up onto his porch and prepares to slide down the slide, which is basically some large unidentified objects underneath a blue tarp with water on it. At the bottom of the waterslide is a kiddy pool full of water. 

You know this can only go badly.

The man, without hesitating, apparently with full confidence in his creation, runs and jumps on the slide.

The ramp led down to a flatter surface. And when he reached the end of the ramp, the flat surface was above the end of the ramp.

As you will see in the video below, it didn’t go so well.

He ends up in the kiddy pool, but not before injuring both his body and his ego.

This chain of events takes just 15 seconds, and it’s definitely cringe-worthy. 

Check it out below:

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