Flashback: Simon Helberg Says He Might Have Been Cloned At Comic Con


Simon Helberg told Larry King he might have been cloned at comic con. He says there’s no passion quite like that of a nerd or geek fan. That definitely includes Big Bang Theory fans.

Simon Helberg Talks Big Bang Theory Fans

Simon Helberg didn’t hold back when appearing on Larry King Now. He told Larry exactly why he thinks Big Bang Theory has done so well. He explained, “I think that there are some obvious componnents. The writing is spectacular. The attention to detail, and keeping things truthful…”

Simon also admitted he knew right away that the show would be a hit. When filming the pilot episode he could tell that the live studio audience was particularly engaged. He explained, “There’s nothing like a group of nerdy geeky sci fans to show you what real passion is. They will follow you to the ends of the earth, and middle earth and every other earth. We knew we had something that hit home.”

That’s definitely true. Simon says he’s experienced some pretty crazed and ridiculous fans. He explained, “I don’t think of myself as a celebrity really. I don’t know how that works for other people…” However, his fans certainly see him that way. Simon, and the rest of the Big Bang Theory cast have experienced wild crowds. Fans are quite passionate about Big Bang Theory. Simon understands why. It’s a story about people like them. He noted, “It’s the underdogs and it’s not commenting on these people. It’s communicating from their point of view.”

He Might Be Cloned

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No fans seem to be more impassioned or crazed like the ones the TBBT cast meets at Comic Con. Simon told Larry, “There are definitely moments where it feels a little bit sychophantic. I’ve had my hair pulled at comic con, and I don’t know if it was cloned, but if anyone could have done it it’s the odd girl that plucked out a hair.” We would LOVE to meet the clone of Simon Helberg. Wouldn’t you? He added, “There’s moments like that when you’re feeling other people’s sweat on your skin that becomes a little intense.”