Ultimate Proof That Sheldon Cooper Has Mastered The Science Of Gift Giving


“The entire institution of gift giving makes no sense,” said Sheldon Cooper. “Let’s say I go out and I spend fifty dollars on you. It’s a laborious activity because I have to imagine what you need, where you know what you need.”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Regardless of Sheldon Cooper’s thoughts on gift-giving for Leonard’s birthday, he proves himself to be an expert when Christmas rolls around. To match Penny’s gift, this means visiting the local gift-basket store.

“It’s a non-optional social convention,” Penny confirms which makes Sheldon agree to go-ahead with the gift-giving for Leonard.

Sheldon Cooper Gift Giving Ideas Are Hilarious

“You see, the danger was that I might over- or under-reciprocate,” explained Sheldon to Leonard. “I will open her gift to me first, then excuse myself… Then, look up the price of her gift online, choose the basket closest to that value and return the others for a full refund.”

Regardless of this brilliant plan, Sheldon Cooper gets more than he’s bargained for. When he opens the gift from Penny, there’s a napkin inside. As he turned to look at her, he’s unsure of why he got a napkin from her restaurant for Christmas.

“Turn it over,” said Penny with a laugh.

“I Can Grow My Own Leonard Nimoy…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When Sheldon Cooper turned over the napkin, he fell to a nearby seat. “To Sheldon Cooper,” he read. “Live long and prosper. Leonard Nimoy.” Penny ran into the famous actor one day at work.

At this point, Penny apologizes for the napkin being dirty. But, when Sheldon finds out that his favorite actor wiped his mouth with the napkin, he goes extra insane. “I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy!? Do you realize what this means? I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy,” he said.

Then Sheldon realizes that he needs to try and return the favor. Since the DNA from Leonard Nimoy is more than he could have ever dreamed, he decides to give her all of the gift baskets.

“I know. It’s not enough is it?” asked Sheldon Cooper after dropping seven baskets of treats around Penny. In an effort to show his gratitude, he even gave her a hug.

What do you think of Sheldon Cooper’s ideas on gift-giving?