Only True Fans Watched THIS Scene And Immediately Remembered This…


“I talked to Ruchi and found out what she’s doing at work,” said Raj Koothrappali to Bernadette. When Raj tells Bernie that Ruchi is trying to take her job and parking in her space, it reminds us of a classic Sheldon, Howard feud.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During Season 6’s “The Parking Spot Escalation,” Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz were arguing over a parking spot. When Howard got a new car, he also got a new spot near the University.

Sheldon Cooper, who originally had the spot, was upset that he was losing his parking spot even though he didn’t have a car.

Sheldon Howard Feud Hits Uncharted Territory

Sheldon Cooper comes home to find Howard Wolowitz in his spot on the couch. As if this isn’t enough, Howard is naked and using Sheldon’s laptop. Sheldon turns to Leonard and begins to voice his complaints.

“Leonard, he’s in my spot. Make him stop being naked in my spot!” he said. In an effort to justify his parking spot dilemma, Howard tells Leonard that Sheldon wasn’t using the spot, so he felt like could use it.

At this point, they’re arguing about an Iron Man helmet, parking spot, and Howard’s naked butt in Sheldon’s spot.

Sheldon Cooper Balances The Universe

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the end, both Howard and Sheldon try to be the “bigger man.” As the Sheldon, Howard feud came to an end, Sheldon decided to give Howard a symbolic spot on the couch.

He gave Howard his spot at lunch, which symbolized a couch cushion and the meaning behind that cushion. “It is the singular location in space around which revolves my entire universe,” he said. “And now, it’s yours.”

After a light high-five, the duo symbolically broke bread and made amends. However, during this new episode, it’s clear that Bernadette and Ruchi are both a little more cutthroat than these two.

Raj reminds us that Bernadette once told people to bring their cats to work and almost killed a man with asthma for a promotion. Likewise, Ruchi is taking advantage of a pregnant woman on bed rest to further her career.

Do you think we’ll see another Sheldon, Howard feud this season on TBBT?