The Duck Dynasty Cast members are co-workers, family, and all entrepreneurs in their own right. With a family of so many personalities, it’s no wonder so many of them have taken to blogging for self-expression. Here we’ll dissect their personal blogs and see who reigns supreme as Duck Dynasty cast members fight for the title of “Best Blogger.”

Jessica the Lifestyle Guru

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Jessica Robertson is the wife of Jep Robertson. She and Jep are the youngest couple in the family, but they’ve also made quite a splash in the press. After their tell-all book, The Good The Bad and The Grace of God, many fans were left shocked at the past of the couple, and were left wanting to know more about their lives. Jessica capitalized on this interest, and created her own blog, The lifestyle blog shares tips for cooking, fashion, DIY projects, and many other aspects of Southern living. The blog has a vintage aesthetic, and a relaxed vibe.

Missy’s Motivational Message

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Missy Robertson is another happy Duck Wife who decided to take to the Internet to speak directly to her fans. The mother of recently married, Reed Robertson, made a splash when she wrote a blog post saying she wouldn’t let Reed come home after getting married. It was all out of love of course, as she was giving her son advice on how to stick it out when the going gets tough in a marriage. Missy often posts, “Missy’s Motivational Monday,” which spreads a positive message to her many followers. Missy’s blog also serves as a launch pad for her many business endeavors, and advertises many of her public appearances.  

The Little Duck Wife

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A member of the younger generation, and fairly recent addition to the Robertson family, Mary Kate Robertson has created her own blog entitled, The Little Duck Wife. Mary Kate is the wife of John Luke Robertson. The couple famously wed at only 19 years old. Their wedding was broadcast on an episode of Duck Dynasty. Her popularity grew from there. Mary Kate uses her blog to show case her newly wed life, many travels, and personal brand favorites.  

Sadie Robertson’s Youtube channel

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Although it may not be a traditional blog, Sadie Robertson has her own way of communicating with fans on the internet.  The teen sensation uses a Youtube channel to create vlogs (video-blogs) about her life. She speaks directly to fans. Most famously, she spoke of her break-up with former boyfriend Blake Coward. The two had a very public relationship and many fans were shocked when they cut their ties. Sadie used her video platform to try to answer questions many had about the split, and set a good example for the girls who look up to her.

So who wins this fight? It really depends what you’re looking for in a blog. If you want marital advice, Missy might be your best bet. Lifestyle advice can be found on Jessica’s website. Honesty and humility? That’ll be found on both Sadie and Mary Kate’s pages. They’re all great in our book!



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