Did The Penny Hofstadter ‘Webcam Movie’ Just Foreshadow THIS Upcoming Event?


“Go away, I’m making a video,” said a drunk Penny Hofstadter. Through the door, Sheldon responded, “I’m sorry. I’ll come back when you’re alone.” In this flashback scene, Penny’s drunk video is not what you think.

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“No, I am alone. I’m just telling Leonard why I broke up with him,” she added. In the video, Penny reveals that typing is a “sober” person’s game. Therefore, she’s making a video to explain why she messed things up.

“I went out with him because he’s great,” said Penny Hofstadter. The real question is why Sheldon never told Leonard about this video.

Penny Hofstader Visits An Ex-Boyfriend

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Regardless of why Sheldon feels important, Leonard finally learned the truth about his wife. After Howard and Raj reminded the couple of their previous break-ups, Leonard was a little upset with his wife.

But because Zack showed the couple Penny’s video on an old laptop, Leonard now knows that she’s always loved him. In the video, Penny is confessing her undying love for Leonard at a time when they were broken up.

Essentially, this means the couple is going to last the test of time.

The Proof Is In The Webcam Video

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“Aww, you love me so much,” said Leonard at Zack’s place. Not to get too mushy, Penny told her husband, “I married you, you jackass!” Luckily for Leonard, she loves him unconditionally.

So far this season, Penny has proven how much she’s changed over the years. Seven years ago, she was still making huge mistakes with men. Now, she’s happily married and thinking of the future with Leonard.

As Howard and Bernadette prepare for their second child, there’s no indication that Leonard and Penny are thinking about kids. However, if Penny makes the decision, Leonard will likely jump on board right away.

If the series wraps in the next two years, we certainly hope that Penny and Leonard decide to raise a few children together. In addition, we hope that Raj finds love and that Sheldon and Amy also consider children one day.

Do you think we’ll see a pregnant Penny Hofstadter anytime soon?