New Episode Reveals A Hilarious Truth About Sheldon Cooper…


In “The Collaboration Contamination,” two people reveal that they know how to communicate with Sheldon Cooper. When Amy is too busy for Sheldon, he’s forced to spend time with both Penny and Bernadette.

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Because Penny and Bernadette want to help Sheldon, but they also need their space, they figure out a way to help him and, at the same time, help themselves. Both ladies use books to figure out how to communicate with Sheldon.

Penny’s reference book is about proper parenting techniques.

Penny Knows How To Talk To Sheldon Cooper

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At the beginning of the episode, Penny and Leonard invite everyone over for take-out, which is how they spend many nights each week. While visiting, Bernadette puts their baby to bed and forgets a parenting book.

The following day, Penny decides to pick up the book. There’s no indication that she’s interested in having a baby at this point, so we assume she’s just interested in the subject. Then, Sheldon arrives.

Penny uses the book to handle Sheldon as if he’s their child.

Bernadette Tricks Sheldon With This Story

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Later in the episode, Sheldon Cooper heads over to visit Bernadette. He’s still airing out his grievances over the new relationship between Howard and Amy. Unlike Sheldon, Bernadette doesn’t care about the new friendship.

Since both Raj and Sheldon have been bothering Bernadette, she decides to use Sheldon’s “well-established gullibility” to help him and help herself. The book she uses comes from Mark Twain.

Bernadette asked Sheldon if he’s ever read, Tom Sawyer. Surprisingly, the genius has not read the classic book. Then, she uses a method from the book to convince Sheldon Cooper that chores are fun.

Rather than asking him to paint her fence, she tells Sheldon to do Howard’s chores in a way to get back at him. It’s not until later that we see Bernadette with her feet up, eating ice cream when Raj tells Sheldon the truth.

By that point, of course, Sheldon has already done all of the chores.

Do you think Penny’s skills could work in the future on Sheldon Cooper?