Everyone’s Talking About Kaley Cuoco’s New Reveal..


Kaley Cuoco New Halloween Look

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Getty

With Halloween right around the corner, it truly is the season of the witch. Kaley Cuoco’s new Lei Lou by Alex Dojcinovic celestial dress shows her inner witch. The dress also takes on the macabre trend that is so popular today.

The shimmer stars and sheer sleeves show off Kaley Cuoco in an elegant way. The full-length dress is different from Cuoco’s character Penny, who often shows a little more skin.

It’s certainly meant for the modern woman, or witch…

Penny Also Loves Halloween Outfits

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Both Kaley Cuoco and Penny love their Halloween celebrations. At the beginning of the series, she would usually celebrate with her girlfriends. When she did invite the boys over, Sheldon got a little upset there was no costume contest.

Years later, as she started to dress with the gang, this meant dressing as The Avengers or Justice League. Kaley Cuoco made a much better Wonder Woman than when Sheldon had to put on the cape after losing a bet to Stewart.

Now, she often wears Halloween costumes associated with Leonard.

Compromising For The Holidays

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Once, the couple dressed as Albert Einstein and a Sexy Police Officer. This wasn’t much of a couple outfit, especially when compared to the other couples. Bernadette and Howard were Smurfs that year.

Then, Sheldon and Amy arrived. To compromise on Raggedy Ann and Andy, Sheldon wore his C3PO outfit with Andy’s hair and hat. It looked a little ridiculous, but it made Amy happy, so that’s all that matters.

As the group continues to grow up and mature, it’s likely they’ll further compromise on Halloween costumes. Howard and Bernadette are even likely to get their new babies involved with the holiday.

Whatever happens, fans always look forward to Halloween episodes and cosplay episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Whether Sheldon is hiding in the couch as a zombie or wearing a maid outfit to speak with Stephen Hawking, hilarity ensues.

What’s your favorite Kaley Cuoco outfit in the series?