The MAJORLY Embarrassing Way Kaley Cuoco Called Out Her Ex


There’s perhaps nothing worse than a poor tipper. In America, the custom of tipping servers is widely understood. A low tip without reason is probably one of the rudest things you could ever do. Now Kaley Cuoco is calling out her ex-boyfriend and revealing that the behavior was a serious deal breaker.

Bad Tippers Beware

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Bad tippers beware- your spending habits could cost you a date with a hottie… perhaps someone like Kaley Cuoco. The Big Bang Theory star recently revealed that she dumped a very serious and famous boyfriend over his bad tipping.

In America, it is customary to tip service workers, including waiters, hostesses, valets, and many other individuals. Fifteen to twenty percent is considered standard. Ten percent is considered okay, but anything less is just plain old rude. Unless the waiter completely forgot your order, was rude themselves, or made some other giant mistake, it’s really unacceptable to not pay a fair tip. Many people in these positions make incredibly low wages and they rely on their tips to make ends’ meat.

Kaley’s Break Up

Kaley Cuoco recognizes the importance of leaving a fair tip. She values the gesture so much that she considers it a dating deal breaker. She revealed to the Vogue that she’s even dumped a very serious and high profile boyfriend just because he never tipped well. Cuoco said, “Before I was who I am today, before I was anybody know. I was very sweet wide eyed 19 year old. I was just starting to make a little money and starting out when I met a guy – a hot guy…”

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