Jim Parsons’ Thoughts On The Acting Skills Of Young Sheldon’s Actor


Iain Armitage couldn’t be cuter or more astonishing. The 9-year-old seems to have the soul of a 75-year-old man. He is wise beyond his years and his views on acting reflect that.

Iain Armitage’s Many Mentors

Everything Iain Armitage says seems to leave us charmed. This tiny boy actor has waltzed right into our hearts as a young Sheldon Cooper, just as Jim Parsons did many years ago. 

Iain is only 9, but he’s already incredibly experienced in Hollywood. He’s already worked with top acting greats like Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies, and now he’s being mentored by Jim Parsons himself. To say he’s destined for greatness in the entertainment industry is putting it lightly.

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Jim Parsons has helped Iain understand Sheldon Cooper. The acclaimed actor executive produces and narrates the series. Iain explained, “This is one of the many things Mr. Jim said about Sheldon: If there are two paintings, and one is wild and super splotchy and the other is neat, orderly, rainbow-colored, Sheldon would like the neat, orderly one. That explained a lot. It got me in the mindset of Sheldon.”

Iain’s Acting Abilities

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However, it seems Iain would be doing just fine even without these great mentors. Iain has an astute intuition when it comes to acting. He understands things that can’t be taught- things some adult actors don’t even comprehend.

When asked how he approaches a character, he replied, “I guess what I do is, I keep a little bit of myself in my character, but then it’s almost like [working in] a bakery. I take a little bit of flour and butter and milk and eggs, and mix it all up to make different cakes. Some cakes are bitter, and some are kind of sweet. Some make you want to laugh and laugh, and some make you cry and cry.” Try to remember those are the words of a 9-year-old.

Finally, Jim Parsons added, “It’s been really inspirational to watch. There’s a way in which he’s tackling all of this that is such fun and such joy of the process.”

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