What You Didn’t Know About Bert Kippler Will Totally Change How You See Him


Comedian Brian Posehn plays reoccurring character Bert Kippler on The Big Bang Theory. In the latest episode (and Posehn’s eighth appearance), his character asks Sheldon Cooper to help out with a project.

Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt | Photo Credit Posehn

In addition to this ongoing role, Brian Posehn also has another 112 acting credits to his name. Somewhat of a character actor, he’s often playing the big slow-talker, but he’s played a teacher/scientist in more than one role as well.

Brian Posehn is also the Biology Teacher on The New Girl.

Discover Writer-Actor-Comedian Brian Posehn

Deadpool | Photo Credit Marvel

Among Posehn’s many credits, some roles include work on The Simpsons, Community, Bob’s Burgers, The Sarah Silverman Project, Kim Possible, Reno 911!, Surf’s Up, The Devil’s Rejects, Just Shoot Me!, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Brian Posehn’s real career began with stand-up. The writer-actor-comedian has a podcast and is currently performing around the country. In addition, he’s also a reoccurring guest on Chris Hardwick’s series, Midnight.

Surprisingly, he’s also a writer for the Marvel comic, Deadpool.

Bert Kippler Returns To The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In “The Geology Methodology,” Bert Kippler is back on The Big Bang Theory. Despite being upset that “Rocktober” is over, he’s got a plan for some new fun. This time, he wants to rock out with Sheldon Cooper.

Bert has managed to get his hands on some million-year-old meteorites, and he needs a scientist to help him with the math. Among his many options, he believes Sheldon Cooper is the right man for the job.

Since Sheldon doesn’t believe in geology, he turns down the offer. Later, however, Sheldon shows up at Bert’s door and decides to join in. But, he wants to keep this new relationship a secret.

Later, Bert accidentally tells the guys that Sheldon was there because he also left his coat. At this point, Sheldon reveals the truth, but also hurt’s feelings by saying he doesn’t respect his chosen field.

In the end, Leonard helps Bert with the project, and Sheldon is left lusting over their friendship.

Did you know Brian Posehn had so many credits to his name?