Is This The Grossest Thing Raj Has Ever Said To Penny?


“We just made love. It was beautiful,” said Raj Koothrappali to Penny. While sharing some wine with Penny, Raj got lost in his thoughts and told her a too much info about his new girlfriend.

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“Our caramel bodies were entwined like erotic taffy,” said Raj Koothrappali. At this point (wine or not), Penny simply couldn’t take it anymore. At the top her voice, she screamed, “Get to the point!”

The real problem is that Raj’s girlfriend is going after Bernadette’s job.

Raj Koothrappali Needs Girlfriend Advice

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During “The Tesla Recoil” Penny is once again playing the part of the bartender. Raj Koothrappali comes to her with a problem and the duo share a bottle of wine and talk about that problem.

The real issue, of course, is that Raj knows what he must do, but he’s choosing not to do it. He needs to confront his new girlfriend in order to save his friendship with Bernadette.

In the end, this does cause Ruchi to dump him, but it’s what needed to happen. Despite his gross metaphor, Penny has heard it all before from Howard.

Penny Has Heard It All Before (From Howard)

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Before Leonard and Penny got together (and before Howard and Bernadette got together), Howard was crazy about Penny. All of the boys found her attractive, but Howard would constantly hit on her in front of the gang.

One of our favorite examples comes from one of the first seasons when Howard was trying to “Peacock.” This method comes from the book The Game, where negative compliments and unique outfits help guys find girls.

For Howard, this meant wearing an eye patch and a tacky belt buckle. When Penny arrived, he told her she looked good to have such greasy hair. On cue, Penny pulled his eye patch out and let it snap back on his face.

During the first few seasons, Howard said so many gross lines to Penny that Raj’s caramel line can be played off without a problem.

Do you think Penny gave Raj the right advice about Ruchi?