The Big Bang Theory Confirms Biggest Plot Twist In 9 Years, Right Before ‘Shamy’ Wedding


Once again the Big Bang Theory cast and crew have teased us with a spoiler from Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. We’ve got our first look at Jerry O’Connell as Georgie, and we like what we see. The actor looks spookily identical to Montana Jordan. You have to see for yourself.

Young Sheldon and TBBT

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We were thrilled to hear earlier this year that Georgie would be at the Big Bang Theory wedding. Fans were worried that the wedding would pose a challenge for continuity between Young Sheldon and TBBT. After all, it’s hard to get all those people in one room.

However, at Paley fest this year, Steve Holland announced that an older Georgie will, in fact, be in attendance. He said, “There’s certainly people that need to be at the wedding. Obviously Sheldon’s mom has to be at the wedding. I think it’s a chance for us to meet some of Sheldon’s family that we’ve only seen in their younger forms before now…like his brother yes.” He also confirmed that Missy will be there as well; “Right now our plan is to use Missy, but we actually haven’t written it yet. So we have to see logistically how all these pieces can fit together, and how many people can be there and all that.”

Jerry O’Connell as Georgie

Weeks later word broke that Jerry O’Connell would be playing Georgie and we have to say we were pleased. Not only is this guy hilarious and dreamy, he also looks like a shoo-in for Montana Jordan’s older brother (or possibly dad). It really looks like they just took Montana and aged him in a time warp machine.

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