6 Times Mayim Bialik Was NOT Afraid To Share Her Opinion


Mayim Bialik isn’t afraid to bare her soul to her fans. Unlike some celebrities who toe the line of political correctness, Mayim lets everyone know what she’s thinking. She’s also not afraid to discuss her own struggles or beliefs. Here are 6 times this Big Bang Theory actress was unashamed to discuss her own views.

Mayim Bialik Is Unashamed

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If you were to describe Mayim Bialik in a few words, they might be outspoken, passionate, and intelligent. We’d argue the one word that truly describes Mayim is unashamed. Mayim isn’t afraid to put it all out there for her fans. She will discuss anything, including politics, religion, parenting, hormones, love, and science. If she thinks it will educate others, or help anyone listening, she believes it’s fair game. Here are six times Mayim wasn’t afraid to say how she felt.

1. When She Admitted She Prescribes To Both Religion and Science

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The religion and science worlds tend to clash. Scientists often scoff at people’s beliefs in what can’t be proven. On the other hand, Christians judge scientist’s harsh and linear view of the world. However, Mayim offers a new perspective. Despite the threat of finding criticism on both sides, Mayim proudly proclaims she believes religion and science can coexist.

In a poignant Youtube video, Mayim said, “I actually get a  lot out of religious observance…I”m a thoughtful person, I’m a skeptical person, and I’m not a person who believes blindly in anything… In my cultural and religious tradition that goes back thousands of years we have a tremendous sense of gratitude and humility for our place in the natural and scientific world.” It’s hard to talk about your spiritual beliefs, especially when you think you might get flack from you peers. However, Mayim stood strong in her convictions, and educated many people on the subject.

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