The Top 5 Reasons A Shamy-Style “Relationship Agreement” May Work For You… Yes, Really…


No Guessing Game

Sometimes being in a relationship can feel like a puzzle or a game even. With a relationship agreement, everything is laid out straight so there are not uncertainties. At least, until Sheldon finds your loophole.

Relationship agreement
Sheldon and Amy have their agreed upon date interrupted by Raj, whom Sheldon is allowed to bring along due to a loophole by


There is no need to “test the waters” for your significant others’ boundaries. They are all outlined specifically in the agreement, such as when hand holding is allowed.

Relationship agreement
Amy is ecstatic as Sheldon takes her hand by

In Writing

Everyone remembers words differently. If an agreement is in writing, then there will always be proof of the precise terms of the agreement. No more “You promised you would make dinner once a week!”

Relationship agreement
Sheldon takes care of Amy while she is sick, as is his duty according to the agreement by

Set Expectations

The relationship agreement ensures that there are no surprises. Literally. Maybe this is for you and maybe it is not, but sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what each half of a relationship can expect from one another.

Relationship Agreement
Amy knows that Sheldon does not spend the night so she can expect him to bid her goodnight here by


There will never be any talk of things being “not fair” because each person had their chance to put in their say. The relationship agreement builds in compromise, and through compromise, it builds equality. Thank you, Sheldon and Amy, for showing us the meaning of an agreement.

Relationship agreement
Sheldon and Amy stand side by side as equals by