Raj May Be At His WORST This Season…


“I can’t believe she dumped me!” exclaimed Raj Koothrappali to Bernadette. Most of “The Tesla Recoil,” Raj spends time in his bed with new girlfriend, Ruchi. But, when he called her out for trying to take Bernadette’s job, she dumped him.

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“I’m sorry things worked out like that,” said Bernadette. However, we’re reminded once more just how cutthroat little Bernadette can be. If Ruchi worked anywhere else, Raj would still have a girlfriend. But, he made the right decision.

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve seen Raj Koothrappali upset this season.

Raj Koothrappali Wanted To Be A Birth Coach…

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“Just turn off your brain and let your uterus do it’s magic,” said Raj Koothrappali in his usual creepy manner. “It’s the star of the show now.” Raj tells Bernadette this while taking Ruchi in to the bedroom to see her.

But, we also know that Raj is upset he can’t be Bernadette’s birth coach. This, of course, is unusual that he would ever want to do such a thing. Raj wants to be involved because these are his best friends and he proves that when he chooses Bernadette over Ruchi.

Our friend also wants to be a birth coach because his father is a gynecologist.

Raj Koothrappali Hates Being Alone…

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Finally, the big reason Raj has been upset this season is because he appeared to be the only single person when Season 11 began. In the first episode, even Stuart had a date, which left Raj feelings lonesome.

With Sheldon and Amy getting married this season, Howard and Bernadette having a baby, and Leonard and Penny being married twice (the second time for appearances only), Raj is truly alone.

For a moment, it looked like Ruchi could save Raj. Even though she didn’t believe in love the same way that he did, they did have a lot in common. But, in the end, it was clear that she would choose her career over their relationship.

Likewise, Raj Koothrappali would choose something else over her. Rather than date someone who would hurt his friend Bernadette, he chose to tell the truth and that ended up causing him the relationship.

Do you think Raj made the right decision on The Big Bang Theory?