Sadie Robertson Claims She Got Whiplash From Dabbing…

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Sadie Robertson suffered an injury earlier this month, with a pretty bizarre cause. The reality TV star turned motivational Christian speaker claimed to have whiplash from excessive dabbing. Is this real?

Sadie Robertson

Apparently dabbed too hard this past weekend, and felt “too cool for school.” The Duck Dynasty star wrote, “yesterday Laney styled me in the coolest outfit ever and I felt super legit until I woke up this morning with whiplash from dabbing to hard yesterday.”

We have to admit, the outfit was pretty legit. Sadie wore a distressed jean jacket riddled with vintage patches. Her bright yellow sneakers were paired with dark ankle socks, and her camo pants were cut off to give an edgy vibe. Even Sadie’s hair was disheveled, giving her a rocker look.

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But was Sadie really suffering whiplash? She claims it’s true. “Yes, I have whiplash from dabbing too hard. Just when you begin to think you’re too cool for school the Lord gives you a piece of humble pie with good ole whiplash from a dab.”

The jury is still out as to whether or not an actual doctor diagnosed the condition, but we can imagine she would get pretty sore from excessive dance parties on stage.

The Live Original Tour

All this dancing went down on Sadie‘s Live Original tour. The tour is named after her book, which appeared on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. The book was published in 2014 and talks about Sadie’s faith and family.

The Live Original tour is a night, “filled with laughter, worship, spoken word, and inspiration” according to its website. Sadie’s brother John Luke also speaks at the event, along with musical guests Anthem Lights and Steven Malcolm among others. There’s no wonder Sadie rocks out when she’s at her events. Perhaps she’s a new type of rockstar- the sober kind who uses her celebrity for good.

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