Phil Robertson’s New UNCENSORED Show Is About Something WAY Better Than Political Correctness


Phil Robertson wants biblical correctness over political correctness. He’s asking his fans to start up REAL conversations, without sugar coating their beliefs or politics. Will his strategy prove successful?

Phil Robertson On Biblical Correctness

Phil Robertson’s new show In The Woods With Phil will cover a myriad of subjects. The one thing that all episodes will have in common, however, is biblical correctness. Phil told LifeZette, “We will show them the difference in what political correctness dictates, and biblical correctness dictates. The show will be biblical correctness rules, not political correctness. We’re asking our culture to turn from their sin, and love God and love their neighbor.”

Phil says he also has a simple question for fans; “I wonder if we would be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” Phil believes that talking about the issues from the Bible’s view point, rather than the world’s, will bring about a huge cultural shift.

He also alluded to his past transgressions when he said, “I used to get high get drunk get made on a regular basis. You say, you repented. I’ve turned from that.” Phil hopes his many fans and followers will follow his example, and turn from their sinful nature, and towards God.


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Phil also dug a little deeper into his past experiences with Hollywood. Though fans never realized just how much Phil felt censored by Hollywood, apparently he truly did not love the Duck Dynasty experience. Phil said, “I just know when we did the Duck Dynasty thing since the sponsors were there, if the sponsors didn’t like something yours truly had to say, especially about spiritual matters, well the sponsors will just pull out.”

Apparently the Robertson family even had to face losing millions of dollars when trying to speak out about their faith. Phil said, “They kind of held that over your head. You will hold to the party line, and you will be politically correct, or it’ll cost you money.”

Phil Robertson is happy to be on CRTV now, where he is allowed to say anything and everything he’d like. Have you been watching his new “biblically correct” shows?