Mayim Bialik Just Did The Most Incredible Thing For Big Bang Fans…


The Big Bang Theory Superfan Speaks Out

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Joe Steiger, a Big Bang Theory superfan, who lives with Muscular Dystrophy, just wrote a compelling article on Mayim Bialik’s website GrokNation. The essay covers Steiger’s worldview, daily challenges, and love for all things TBBT. Mayim Bialik recently promoted the article on her social media page, hoping to a give a voice to one of her sweetest fans.

Mayim’s Post

Mayim posted to instagram introducing Joe,

“Superfan @JoeSteiger who many of you know has visited our set a few times has Muscular Dystrophy and in a very special post, Joe shares with us how his challenges have strengthened his faith, his determination to thrive, and his commitment to living life to its fullest. It is an honor to share this piece with all of you!”

Joe’s Everyday Struggle

Joe explains in his essay that he likes to fantasize that he is a super hero, or mutant of sorts from another planet. It’s fun for him to view his differences as otherworldly traits. Joe writes, “like Superman, I’m from another planet. And instead of thriving here under Earth’s yellow sun, it has made me weaker and that’s what was ‘different’ about me.”

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Perhaps this love of superheros and fantasy is what compelled Joe to become one of The Big Bang Theory‘s biggest fans. He too loves comic book conventions. He wrote, “There is no reason for a handicapped person to be unable or afraid to go to a comic convention; the staff were able to assist with anything I needed to make the trip possible.”

Joe Visits Set

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Joe manages a TBBT fan page on Facebook. He enjoys interacting with other fans, and talking about all things related to The Big Bang Theory. One day Simon Helberg noticed Joe’s work, and invited him to fly to LA to view a taping of the show. Joe says, “It was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

Joe’s story is incredibly inspiring. He has such a beautiful way of looking at the world, and viewing his circumstances with a positive light. We are so glad The Big Bang Theory cast reached out to him and could make his dreams come true.

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