In addition to the Morley’s, Governor as a pirate, Save Terrapins Tee, Johnny Depp’s head, and other Easter eggs we shared in Part 1, there are new fan spotted Easter eggs on The Walking Dead. They show how complex and smart the show really is.

Science Dog | Photo Credit Image ComicsScience Dog | Photo Credit Image Comics

Science Dog

Let’s start with Science Dog. Very early on in the series, while Carl is still just a boy, he can be found wearing a tee with an “atomic paw print” on it. This is a direct reference to one of Robert Kirkman’s other comics, Science Dog.

Celeb Cameos

Next, there is Scott Ian, from the band Anthrax (another Breaking Bad reference as well). Ian has been featured on The Walking Dead as a cameo zombie, and it’s reported, several other celebrities have asked to or portrayed walkers on the series.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Brand Eggs

Similar to the Morley cigarettes brand reference in our Part 1 Easter Eggs, the moving truck, Ferenc Builders, is an insider joke for the cast and crew. Similar to the A113 references in the Pixar films. Ferenc is a reference to the original showrunner and Shawkshank Redemption writer, Frank Darabont.

Decaying Zombies

The makeup has also changed as the series moves on. Much like the decaying logo, the walkers in The Walking Dead universe have been decaying for years now, so they should look “more dead,” which means darker makeup.

Biblical References

Another thread within the show are links to “Revelations” in the Bible. Back when Shane and Rick were running, they passed a sign that said the revelation was coming outside of a church. Inside the church, they find three zombies that may signify a direct correlation to the passage on the church sign outside.

Breaking Bad | Photo Credit AMCBreaking Bad | Photo Credit AMC

Breaking Bad

There are also references between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad that we’ve somewhat discussed in further detail, here. The red Challenger is so similar, in fact, some feel these two universes are actually one in the same. The other major connections are blue-sky meth and Morley cigarettes.

For a complete list of current references visit Part 1 or watch the video from What Culture here. 

Have you spotted Easter Eggs no one else is mentioning?

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