Glenn Rhee, The Savior

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, we hear Glenn Rhee’s voice over the walkie. Rick Grimes, having just woken up in the apocalypse, has foolishly gotten himself stuck in an abandoned army tank, surrounded by zombies.

Glenn, despite being a smartass on the walkie, proved himself to be loyal, smart, and resourceful. Not long after he met Rick, the two of them were covered in walker guts and walking amongst the dead with a axe and various other blunt objects.

Thanks to Glenn, Rick Grimes was able to make it back to his family. Shane had taken Lori and Carl outside of the city and they made camp with other survivors. Before the outbreak, Glenn was merely a pizza delivery boy.

By the end of Season 1, the group makes it to the CDC. Glenn takes advantage of the shower, food and clothing. In the end, the doctor decides that there is no reason to live, but Glenn and the others make it out alive.

Glenn Rhee, The Hopeless Romantic

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 2, after Carl Grimes got shot, the gang makes their way to Hershel’s farm. Here, Glenn tries to prove himself and starts to fall for the farmer’s daughter, Maggie. She gives him the cold shoulder the majority of the time.

Glenn is eventually used as bait to help get a walker out of the water supply. Slowly, the group lowers down Glenn, but he gets angry when the pulley breaks. Despite the panic, Glenn managed to lasso the bloated walker. Unfortunately, the water-soaked monster exploded in half when they tried to pull him out.

Later, Glenn and Maggie head into town to find supplies for a pregnant Lori Grimes. There, in the local pharmacy, things turn physical. Perhaps Glenn’s honesty and good efforts paid off after all.

At this point, Glenn is the only one who knows about Lori’s pregnancy. Later, when Maggie offers him another roll in the hay, they discovery that the barn is full of walkers, trapped there by Hershel.

Glenn proves that he’s way too honest to be keeping this many secrets. When walkers eventually overtake the farm, Glenn makes sure Maggie gets out safe. During their escape, he reveals that he loves her.

Glenn Rhee, The Prisoner

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the prison, Glenn only wants to spend time with Maggie but so much is going on, that rarely happens. Maggie’s father Hershel is bitten by a walker, so the others decide to remove his leg. Luckily, this saves his life.

In an effort to help the group and spend time together, Maggie and Glenn start to scavenge for the group. Eventually they run into Merle Dixon, who wants them to take him back to see his brother, Daryl.

Glenn refuses, so Merle takes Maggie hostage. In an effort to get her back, Glenn eventually gets caught as well. Merle beats him at Woodbury, but Glenn refuses to give up the whereabouts of his friends at the prison.

Glenn Rhee, The Lost

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Season 4 rolls around, Glenn Rhee gets terribly sick. In Cell Block A, it looks like he has the prison flu that is going around. At this point, there isn’t much medicine so it looks like this could even take his life.

As Glenn starts to heal, the Governor attacks the prison. He wakes up on a destroyed walkway into the prison. Underneath Glenn, the grounds are crowded with walkers who are trying desperately to get to him.

In full riot gear, he soon runs into Tara. Despite the fact that Tara is now a reoccurring member, she began as one of the Governor’s soldiers. The two decide to work together even though both are hesitant.

Glenn and Tara are overtaken by walkers, and he is knocked out. Soon, he wakes up on the back of an army truck. Glenn’s only concern is Maggie, but he wakes up to meet Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa.

Glenn Rhee starts to find messages from Maggie, written in blood. The various groups continue to look for one another but do not find each other until it’s too late. Rick and Glenn meet once more in the train car at Terminus.

Glenn Rhee, The Peacekeeper

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Glenn, Rick, Daryl, and Bob are exposed to flash bomb grenades in the train car and then they’re taken inside. Gareth, the leader of the Termites, stands and begins to order his minions to kill the survivors like pigs at the troth, one-by-one.

Thanks to Carol’s sharp-shooting from the woods, the gang is able to break free from their captors. Glenn makes sure Maggie is safe as he runs away to then meet up with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith.

Soon, the group meets Father Gabriel. Among the various groups, Abraham wants to continue his mission to Washington D.C. as he believes Eugene can save the world. Rick’s concern is to kill all of the Termites so no one else will encounter them.

Glenn Rhee, at this point, is the bond that keeps the various groups together. Soon, while on the way to Washington, Eugene tells everyone the truth. Despite this, Glenn encourages everyone to stay together. Soon, the group meets Aaron.

Glenn Rhee, The Avenger

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After meeting Aaron the recruiter, Glenn is the first one interviewed by Deanne in Alexandria. Glenn reveals that he believes the groups were almost out there too long. He believes some of the people are too far-gone.

During his time at Alexandria, Glenn does his best to keep everyone in line, including Deanna’s sons. Everyone soon realizes that the survivors in Alexandria are almost there out of pure luck.

Soon, Glenn starts to butt heads with Nicholas. When the two go off on a supply run with Noah, Nicholas makes a few mistakes that nearly gets everyone killed. In another foolish move, he does get Noah killed.

Back at camp, Glenn tells Rick the truth about the supply run. In another area, Nicholas is telling Deanna the exact opposite story. This separates the two sides of people in Alexandria.

Eventually, Nicholas and Glenn are off in the woods and Nicholas even tries to kill Glenn. Luckily, our hero gets the best of him and knocks him out. Later, Nicholas and Glenn are trapped on a dumpster, when Nicholas decides to kill himself. The action almost kills both of them as they fall into a sea of walkers.

Glenn Rhee, The Martyr

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

By the time Season 6 came up, it was clear that Glenn would do anything for Maggie and he also wanted to help Rick Grimes. After surviving the “fake dumpster death,” Glenn meets Enid on the open road.

The duo heads back to Alexandria so Glenn can find his sweetheart, Maggie. After he and Enid make it back, he takes Maggie to Hilltop where they confirm her pregnancy. Glenn shows off the ultrasound of the baby.

In an effort to make a deal with Hilltop, Rick’s group agrees to take out the Saviors. Unfortunately, they’re truly unaware just how deep the rabbit hole will go. After the kill the first outpost of Saviors, it’s clear they awoken a larger beast.

Finally, after a Season 6 cliffhanger, the series reveals that Abraham will be the one to die due to Rick’s actions. After Negan kills Abraham, however, Glenn also dies a martyr, at the hands of Negan and Lucille. When the series returns, his life will move forward through Maggie and Baby Rhee.

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