Why Sadie and Korie Robertson Are Being Photographed With Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell has her own gigantic fan base, much like that of Sadie and Korie Robertson. However, we wouldn’t think this Hollywood cutie would have much else in common with the Robertson ladies. So why is she posing with Sadie and Korie and what project were the three girls working on?

Kristen Bell

Some Duck Dynasty fans might know Kristen Bell as the beautiful voice behind Anna from Frozen. Others know her as Sarah Marshall from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even still, some might know her as Dax Shepherd’s wife. Regardless of where you recognize the starlet from, you probably don’t associate her with Duck Dynasty in any way.

However, Sadie and Korie Robertson were recently pictured with Bell at a Hollywood event. The photo threw us for a loop, so we decided to investigate what was up.

A Good Cause Brings Them Together

It turns out that Sadie and Korie attended the launch of “This Bar Saves Lives.” The nutrition bar is being sold all over the country with the hopes of ending hunger in different parts of the world. Plus, Kristen Bell just so happens to be a spokesperson for the movement. Now it all makes sense. This sounds exactly like something Sadie and Korie would want to be involved with.

This Bar Saves Lives

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This Bar Saves Lives” is the name of a nutritional bar and company. Similar to the concept of “Toms,” “This Bar Saves Lives,” will use the proceeds of their products to give nutritional bars and supplements to children in need all over the world. The company’s website states, “Our plan is simple – sell the best products domestically to send the best life-saving nutrition abroad. With the right nutrition, children everywhere can grow up healthy, strong and ready to change the world around them.”

The products themselves sound tasty enough. They are Non-GMO project verified, kosher, and gluten-free. They come in different flavors including dark chocolate and cherry, vanilla and honey, and wild blueberry and pistachio. Customers order bars online or at Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Target.

The company is partnered with Action Against Hunger, which is an organization that provides food, nutrition education, clean water, and other services to those in need. They focus on child malnutrition and saving the lives of the world’s young people.

Sadie Posts Her Gratitude

It was smart of Kristen Bell and the “This Bar Saves Lives” team to invite Sadie and Korie Robertson to their event. Not only are the Robertsons incredible philanthropists but their fans are as well. Sadie has over 3 million followers on Instagram, and most of them have similar interests as the starlet. Her audience is interested in charity work and God. They will probably see these bars on her page and want to give them a try.

Sadie wrote, “so stoked for this and happy to cheer and support @kristenanniebelland the @thisbar movement! just by buying this bar to eat you will make an impact on saving a kids life in another country! Many lives have already been saved and many more are in need of food.”

Writing Letters

Sadie and Korie weren’t just there to meet and greet.  They wrote sweet messages for children affected. Sadie said, “it was the sweetest thing sitting around and writing letters to these sweet kids who are in treatment right now to get fed from what was already been donated.” Korie also posted about the event on her page, writing, “Love what [Kristen Bell] is doing with [This Bar Saves Lives]. Check it out!!”

A Day in LA 

One day in LA and we made it count 💃🏻💃🏻spray tans by @southseasofficial (it’s so weird how amazing a good spray tan makes you feel💁🏼‍♀️) nails @oliveandjune (they just launched some super cute nail stickers, @bellarobb I’m bringing some home to you 💅🏻) yummy gelato (in the shape of a flower with a macaroon on top 😋), lunch outside (because perfect LA weather), a little shopping (don’t worry @realwilliebosshog we only went to one store 😜), AND THEN AN INSPIRING LAUNCH PARTY for @thisbar with @kristenanniebell (we wrote letters to kids in Haiti who are receiving much needed nutrition through the sell of these yummy bars 🙌🏻), ended the night with room service 🍴@legitsadierob I’ll travel with you anywhere😊😘

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Korie also shared that the mother-daughter duo had flown to LA just for the occasion. They took serious advantage of their time together and in the sunshine city. Korie must have been pretty excited to have precious one on one time with her daughter. She wrote on her Instagram, “One day in LA and we made it count.” The adorable pair managed to fit spray tans, manicures, gelato, a lunch date, and shopping all into one day. Plus they attended the launch party. Now that’s a full 24 hours. Korie teased Willie Robertson in the post, writing, “A little shopping {don’t worry [Willie] we only went to one store.”

They Love to Travel and Give

Photo by Korie Robertson via Instagram.com

This isn’t the first time this year that Sadie and Korie Robertson have traveled for charity work. Earlier in 2017 they flew to Somalia for a mission trip with World Food Programme. The trip’s purpose was to deliver food to 50,000 people living in a drought. However, the trip ended on a terrible note. Just hours after Korie and Sadie flew home they heard that a truck bomb was set off just a mile from their hotel. They worried about all of the people they had met and were instantly affected. Korie told fans, “Thinking of our new friends there. The mamas, babies, teenagers… strong, kind, beautiful people. I had a post written before we learned of this tragedy that I’ll save for another day. For now, asking for prayers for the victims, their families, our friends. The country is in mourning. God be with them.”

The trip also deeply affected Sadie. She wrote to fans, “They have been through more in life than many of us can understand, but stronger then many of us will ever be. Today they were hit again. Hard. Nearly 40 people already found dead. Please pray. my heart is broken.”

The Robertsons’ Hearts

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The Robertsons all have a heart for service and charity. They are on multiple charity boards, give back in many different ways, attend missions, and most importantly, minister to the world and their fans. Korie, in particular, is largely involved in “Help One Now,” an organization that aims to end poverty in the world. 

These girls are an inspiration. We love that Sadie and Korie Robertson use their large platform, wealth, and privilege to help others and to spread a message of giving. It’s funny to see the Robertsons interact with other celebrities, including Kristen Bell, but we’re so glad to see it- especially when it’s for such a good cause. Would you ever try a “This Bar Saves Lives?”