Fear the Walking Dead’s Bloody Return

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After a two-month break since Fear the Walking Dead’s brutal Season 3A finale, Season 3B is now in full swing with a September 11th premiere. Actor Colman Domingo promises a much “bloodier” second half of the season.

“I think Strand is going boldly into this apocalypse,” said the actor. “The world, now, has gotten bloodier. It’s getting a bit more dangerous. I think that he’s trying to get a leg up when it comes to figuring out what is the new currency in the world.”

“I think he is very interested in rebuilding again, and that’s something where he was at a stalemate for a while,” said Domingo.

The Superhuman Characters On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

What’s interesting about Fear the Walking Dead, thus far, is that the characters are a little less powerful than those on The Walking Dead. The original series has characters that are almost superhuman.

Negan has a barbed-wire bat named Lucille. Michonne carries a katana sword and arrived with two walkers as pets. Rick Grimes has his handgun (and his rage) and Daryl Dixon carries a crossbow on a motorcycle.

Then there’s Carol, who has killed dozens of men and walkers, on several occasions, at the same time.

Is It A World Filled With Walkers?

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit Comic Book

After Fear the Walking Dead also made contact with space last season, it made it clear that the outbreak could possibly have changed the entire world. This is different from The Walking Dead, where the outside world is unknown.

Domingo added, “Because there were so many questions. I think we all still had questions like: how far is this thing going? Is it just America? Is it Europe? Is it Asia? Is it Africa? And the idea from someone from out of space that the world went dark – he understands, now, that the world is dead. And now that the world is dead, we have to make different choices.”

What do you think this means for the return of FTWD?

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