Catching up on past Duck Dynasty episodes as well as YouTube- I found a beardless Robertson. Alan seems to the one brother who isn’t ‘part’ of the dynasty. In a way, he isn’t and yet, he is a huge part of the successful A&E network program. In 2013 he announced that he was leaving his position as a pastor of a Louisiana church. So, I began to dig about more information about the eldest son of Phil Robertson- founder of Duck Commander.

Beards and Beauty Wrangler

Alan gave up his pulpit at Whites Ferry Road Church which his brothers and parents attend. He came on board the Duck train to manage speaking tours and public relations for the family and the company. He is known as the “Beards and Beauty Wrangler” as he takes care his brothers, wives and children’s public appearances.

It appears to have been a relatively easy choice for Alan. Whites Ferry Road Church is a healthy, growing church- and it has influences on a lot of people in Monroe LA. However, in taking on the new position with his family, he was able to “minister to a lot more people.” And that, after all, is what the Robertson’s do best. Love to share their faith with others.

He did work for Duck Commander when it was first founded by his dad in the 70’s and 80’s. He even sold the now famous duck calls “right out of the truck” and he worked until he began full time ministry in 1988. The moto of Duck Commander was the same as it is today, “These calls are the best ‘cause they sound just like a duck!”

Phil made sure that from the first day of talking to A&E about the show that the Bible was going to be in the show. “This is part of our lives.” And the answer from the production company, “That’s in, that’s part of who you are.” Phil has attended Whites Ferry Road since he was 28 and as always encourages his family to follow his steps.

Alan and his wife, Lisa, have two adult daughters who are married and have several children between them. They live in West Monroe- just as the other children to be close to family and hunting and fishing sites they have grown up.

He has also authored a book, “A New Season” about his 30-year marriage to Lisa. In the Robertson tradition, it is open and honest about his wives affairs. They have rebuilt their relationship and marriage and the new book shares how they did that.

It also reveals some of the reasons the infidelity happened with Lisa being molested and having an abortion when she was a teenager. They have honestly said that it was difficult when Lisa had these patterns showing up in the marriage. Alan’s family had a difficult time accepting that Alan wanted to forgive her and move toward with love and grace.

“We believe God was helping us,” Alan said in an interview with FOX411. “It’s easy to chuck it and move on, way too early.”

The transparency of the problems of living life, marriage, running a business, making career changes are there for us all to see. Perhaps it’s time for some of us to make some changes and let the world know how we are doing. Duck Dynasty is in its eleventh and final season and can be seen on Wednesdays on A&E 8/9c.