The Top 5 Craziest Phil Robertson Videos Of This Year


Phil Robertson’s internet game is strong. Though the Duck Commander himself has no use for the internet, he’s still managed to be all over it. Here are the five craziest videos Phil Robertson has posted all year.

Phil Robertson’s Views on the Internet

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Though Phil Robertson has previously condemned the internet, it seems the Duck Commander creator is coming around to the idea of the world wide web. Though he finds no personal use for it, he realizes the impact he can have online. Phil had no idea that his videos were all over Facebook and other online news sources.

He said, “They said people film you at these different gatherings that you go to all over the United States. So I speak to a thousand, but somebody takes that speech, puts it on the internet…” After realizing how many people had heard him speak, he decided it might be a good idea to keep posting videos. ” Phil called it, “the parable about the little mustard seed, that can’t grow but you don’t know it… It makes a big tree… You go out and preach the Gospel and you look up, and several million are viewing that thing now…”

So now that Phil is on board with posting videos, he’s gone wild with his content. Over the past year, we’ve seen him talk about tons of controversial topics including abortion, gun laws, government, and even popular music. Here are his 5 wildest videos from this year. You won’t believe the things Phil has talked about.

Phil Talks About the Culture

Phil’s most recent video involved a whole lot of raised eyebrows. He spoke with fellow CRTV star Graham Allen about recent cultural phenomenons in America. The craziest thing Allen brought up? Condon snorting. The condom snort challenge has been trending on the internet. It’s the unsafe practice of sucking a condom up your nose. Disgusting and scary. Phil reacted saying, “Does not compute…”

He had a similar reaction to the tide pod challenge. Phil doesn’t understand why youth in America would be putting themselves in so much danger just for likes and comments. He also addressed controversial views on transgender issues and discipline.

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