No One, No One Is Funnier Than Si


The quintessential Si Robertson quote is silly, perhaps misguided, and always funny. Si typically says the unexpected, and also loves to rag on his nephew Willie Robertson. Here are 5 Si Robertson quotes from this week’s Going Si-ral.

Si Robertson Quote Pop-culture Insult

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“Hey that’s the reason you weren’t invited to this party- you’re a buzzkill! Now, why don’t you make like Pokemon…and Go!” -Si Robertson

This week’s Going Si-ral began with Willie walking in on Si throwing a party in his office. The party was complete with music, dancing, and a pinata filled with beef jerky. Si failed to invite Willie to the party and went on to explain why. Si’s pop-culture references are always funny because they usually prove the Uncle doesn’t quite understand the modern entertainment industry. We love him anyway, though.

Bears That Walk

“There’s a lot of bears that can walk…Yodi, Fonzi, and Paddington.” -Si Robertson


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Yet another pop-culture reference by Uncle Si. This quote came after Si and Willie watched a bear walking like a human. Si said he was unimpressed, and that he had seen lots of bears walk. Willie, the voice of reason, pointed out that these bears are cartoons. Si didn’t see his point.


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