I love Si Robertson. How he can twist a phrase and justify using the wrong word is just so much fun. When he misspeaks, Si is an expert at covering up his faux-paux-  or was it? When eating ice cream he says he has a ‘brain sneeze’. Si explains, “A brain sneeze is when your brain wants to sneeze but it can’t cuz it’s the brain. So it just hurts.”

(I agree with brain sneeze, actually – it fits the description of the pain much better than Brain Freeze. )

Si is always up to an antic of some sort; somehow getting his hands on some money, getting under one of his nephew’s skins, or trying to explain his way of thinking. To see Si quiet and serious is almost unnerving.

The Duck Men wanted to honor veterans and flew two Marines, Mark and Christian, to their home from Walter Reed Medical Center to have some fun, do some fishing and have a Color Run to bring awareness to these men and women who put their lives on the line. The boys wanted to honor the work they did in Afghanistan.

Both Marines had lost their legs, and were trying to get back to some semblance of life back home. Mark had had to go back to the hospital to have some more work done on his injuries.

Christian goes fishing with Phil, who has a quiet moment to ask if he is a ‘believing man’. Christian admits that he is, indeed, struggling with his faith since the loss of his legs, “… trying to figure out how this can be part of God’s plan.”

The Duck Boys plan a Color Run with a surprise visit from author and former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. Luttrell addresses the crowd at the start of the Color Run to bring attention to veterans and their needs. Christian takes part in the Color Run. Powder flew when runners cross the finish line as bystanders throw bags of colored powder on the hot sweaty participants.

To See Si Quiet and Serious Is Almost Unnerving.

Another surprise was Marcus Luttrell visiting Mark at the hospital, giving him words of encouragement and thanks for his service. The Duck Men went silent as the veterans shared the loss of their comrades in battle and the fight for their minds when they came home. The most moving was seeing Si standing in the back of the room, his head bowed and silent. Through his body language you could see him reliving his moments in Vietnam and the friends he had lost. His fight coming home was different from Mark, Christian and Marcus’ has been, but the hurt is still lingering.

At the end of the segment, Si spoke to the camera about his experience and losses during his service. He didn’t misspeak, he didn’t crack any jokes, he didn’t even say, ‘Jack’. He was not only proud to be a Vet, he was proud and thankful for those who have served and still serve our country. In his eyes you can see the mixture of pride and sorrow. It was a touching moment during Duck Dynasty, and something different as we see Si serious, … if only for a moment.