Your Jaw Will Drop When You Hear The First Few Moments Of This Video…


Sadie Robertson sings in a new viral video with best friend Laney Redmon. The Duck Dynasty star has been delving into the music industry lately. She once again proves she’s got the vocal chops to hold her own.

Sadie Robertson Sings

The Live Original author often uses her account to speak directly to fans, and give a glimpse into her regular everyday life. Now she’s using it to show off her talents as well.

Sadie recently recorded a song with the Christian music group Anthem Lights. The song, Just Be You, even hit the top of iTunes charts this past October. The song echoes Live Original’s theme. Sadie said, “When we set down to talk about writing this song we decided we really just want to create a song that you girls can sing over yourself in the morning and throughout the day as a reminder that YOU truly are a one of a kind!”

Sadie has also sung on a few Duck Dynasty Christmas albums and often performs on tour. Her talents stem far past “reality TV personality.” She also acted in a Hallmark movie this summer.

Happy Harmonies

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In the YouTube video, Sadie is harmonizing with best friend Laney Redmon. Redmon is a backup dancer from Nashville. She also designed some of the Live Original merchandise for Sadie’s tour.

In the video description, Sadie wrote, “Praying this words pour over you today and you know how deeply loved you are. Your life has purpose. Your life has meaning. You are not alone. You are loved. Stop and rest in His love.” Sadie previously admitted that friendships can be hard. However, these two keep their relationship tight by centering it around their faith. Sadie said, “You get RID of jealously. You talk about the hard stuff!!! A friend should be the person who makes you the BEST version of yourself and brings you the greatest amount of joy.”