Two Conversations Fans Were DYING To See Finally Happened…


The Walking Dead’s Most Satisfying Season

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the heartbreaking and hard-to-watch The Walking Dead Season 7A, the second half has been very rewarding. So far, we’ve seen Michonne and Rick’s lovey dovey romance, plus Daryl and Carol’s satisfying reunion.

In “The Other Side,” two more conversations finally hit the small screen. In the first, Daryl Dixon and Maggie Greene were paired together while hiding out from the Saviors in the Hilltop cellar.

After they were finally alone, Daryl was able to apologize to Maggie.

Daryl And Maggie Embrace

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Glenn’s death weighed heavy on Daryl Dixon while he was in Negan’s jail cell, being tortured and fed dog food. Daryl felt like it was hit fault that Negan killed Glenn, seeing as the Saviors’ leader had only intended to take one person’s life.

In the cellar, Daryl finally faced Maggie and spoke to her. She told them it wasn’t his fault and forgave him. It’s unclear if Daryl will ever forgive himself, but after seeing Carol and speaking with Maggie, he seems to be getting closer.

Then, two other characters got the chance to mend their relationship.

Rosita And Sasha Finally Speak

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of “The Other Side,” after Sasha essentially missed her chance to kill Negan, she and Rosita got the chance to speak. Rosita finally took down her shield and started speaking to Sasha like a person.

This was a little more shocking seeing as she got on Sasha earlier in the episode for wearing a necklace that she made for Abraham. She felt like it represented her life for Abraham, so she thought it odd—to say the least—that Sasha was wearing it.

Rosita hated the way it felt to be protected. She spoke about her various boyfriends and men who wanted to protect her in a way that it seemed like she took their skills, added them together, and became the person she is today.

In the end, Sasha decided Rosita’s life was too important for the suicide mission.

Do you think Sasha was protecting Rosita or acting selfishly? 

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