Sadie Robertson Just Asked God To Do Something “Unthinkable” For Her…


In Sadie’s first blog post, she asks God to do something unthinkable. She asks Him to break her.

Sadie Robertson celebrates the year so far (source:

“God, I need you to know that my answer to your asking is ‘yes’ before you even ask the question because you have wrecked me in a beautiful way,” she writes.

She has definitely said ‘yes’ to God many times. She (and her family) obviously said ‘yes’ to being reality TV stars. Her answer to touring across the country on her Live Original tour was ‘yes.’ She said ‘yes’ to being a speaker at Winter Jam 2017, saying she’d like this to be her full-time gig.

“I’m thinking about some type of seminary school,” she said. “Ministry is what I really want to do. It is my joy in life.”

So why does she want God to ruin her?

Sadie begs got to “wreck” her (photo by @legitsadierob via

“Thank you for stripping me to see your beauty in my flaws,” she writes. “…Sometimes it takes a shipwreck and having to throw it all overboard. Sometimes it’s a word. Sometimes it just takes looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person you see.”

That’s some old wisdom for such a young person. With this wisdom, she is encouraging others. She ends the blog post with a call to action.

“Today I challenge you to ask God to wreck you, but get ready to give it all,” she concludes. “Do not hold back.”

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