4We now know Phil Robertson as a very vocal, public figure. He talks morality and politics, and typically rubs some people the wrong way. But he makes sure his points are heard.

Young Phil Robertson held his ground and opinions in the same way the current Phil Robertson does (source: Pinterest)

This is exactly how it was back in the day, back before the fame of Duck Dynasty. 

When Phil Robertson was just making hunting videos for small-time TV, he had the same point-making skills. In his first ever TV interview, he takes on one of the most widely-accepted theories about life.

“I have a couple degrees from Louisiana Tech University,” Phil said. “And I studied about the theory of evolution, of how we arrived here, how the cosmos arrived here, how the earth arrived here.”

He said that at that time in his life, he had yet to read the Biblical account of creation. But once he did, everything changed. 

“Once I read the Biblical account and I stacked it up against the Darwinism … and when I started to kind of realize that dead men could live again, I could either put my faith in this evolution thing where there’s no hope, or put my faith in the Almighty,” he said. “And that Jesus of Nazareth really was who he said he was.”

You can watch the full interview…

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