Alan Robertson Tells The Truth About His “Tough Childhood” With Phil…


Phil Robertson is the epitome of tough love. After finding Jesus through his own beaten path, he decided his sons would need to exhibit self-discipline and a straight and narrow lifestyle in order to live in his house. Here’s how Phil’s tough love inspired Alan Robertson to become a preacher.

Phil Robertson Kicks Alan Out

Alan Roberton was actually kicked out of Phil Robertson’s house twice during his childhood. The first time was at the fault of Phil. Phil had been living a rock and roll lifestyle, with women and drugs. Alan says his father thought his wife and children were getting in the way of that lifestyle, so he ordered them to leave. The family moved to an apartment an hour north of their father and prayed he’d see the light.

Finally, Phil did find Jesus. With the help of Kay, he returned to the family and found Jesus. However, life wasn’t perfect from then on. Alan rebelled as a teenager, forcing his father to exhibit some tough love.

Alan said, “I don’t know if was like a response maybe, to that whole lifestyle, the way it was. I just got into those teenage years and kind of went off the pale. Dad said ‘You got brothers here, you can’t live this way and stay here.’ It was tough love.”

The Prodigal Son

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Alan says he now understands why his father kicked him out. He eventually found his way back to the family. They welcomed him with open arms, just like the Prodigal son in the Bible.

Alan Robertson says the experience inspired him to become a preacher. “I went out, found my way, and came back home… I think once I made that decision and I came home, I wanted to create an atmosphere where other people could come home.”

Alan says his motivation to serve and preach has always been to welcome people into the church with open arms. He and his family see their platform as an opportunity to do just that on an international level.

Can you believe Alan Robertson went from prodigal son to preacher?