Why Phil Robertson Is STILL Silent After Alabama Papers Reject Roy Moore


Phil Robertson still has yet to comment on the Roy Moore allegations. Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, has been accused of a multitude of sexual misconduct incidents. Recently, multiple Alabama Newspapers have started calling for readers to “Reject Roy Moore.” As a result, will Phil Robertson finally break his silence?

The Newspapers Reject Him

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Things aren’t looking so great for Roy Moore. The Alabama Senate candidate has been accused of multiple sexual crimes. As reported previously, one incident allegedly included a 14-year-old girl. Now the Republican National Committee has spoken out against him. Major Republican politicians have said they don’t believe his stories. Even Alabama news agencies are turning against him.

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Multiple newspapers in Alabama ran headlines that read “Reject Roy Moore” last week. The Alabama Media Group wrote, “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore,” in a front-page editorial. The Vice President of content at the company stated, “This is an important moment in Alabama and America, and we felt such treatment was in line with what is at stake in this race…”


Despite the commotion, Moore denies all accusations and tweeted on Sunday night, “The elitists in Washington don’t want Christian conservatives in their club, so they’re attempting to overthrow the sovereignty of the people of Alabama. We dare defend our rights!”

Phil Robertson’s Silence

Despite 9 women accusing Moore of initiating sexual contact, and performing unwanted sexual acts, Phil Robertson has remained silent. 

Phil Robertson has never been one to keep quiet about moral issues. Perhaps he’s holding back his opinions for his new TV show, Phil In the Woods. Phil has promised that viewers will hear his unfiltered opinions on the show.

Earlier this month Phil commented on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which is very similar in nature to Moore’s. Phil said he wasn’t surprised that a Hollywood mogul would be involved in something like that. We wonder if he has had similar thoughts about Roy Moore. We’ll be waiting, and hopefully, Phil Robertson will speak up soon.