This Was The Biggest Surprise In Phil Robertson’s Life


Phil Robertson had no idea Duck Dynasty would become the number one reality show on television. The Duck Commander inventor thought the show’s idea was a disaster. Luckily, he was wrong.

Phil Robertson Wasn’t Impressed

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Phil Robertson wasn’t impressed with A&E’s original pitch for Duck Dynasty. He didn’t see why anyone would want to watch his family live their normal lives. However, what Phil didn’t realize is that this family is far from average. Their entertainment value is through the roof.

When first pitched the show, Phil asked if there would be any hunting in it. The family had previously created “Duck Commander” DVDs that showed their outdoor activities. Phil remembers the producers saying, “Oh no, Mr. Robertson. We wouldn’t want to do that.” He explained, “So I’m thinking, you know, LA, Los Angeles coming in here, they’re going to film a bunch of rednecks…Let me get this right- a bunch of rednecks hunting ducks. But you don’t want to see any of them actually get shot? Do yall really think this will work?”

Phil couldn’t understand why anyone would want to watch a show about hunting, with no hunting in it.

If God Is Behind It

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However, Phil did make a telling prophesy. He said, “This won’t work. However, If God is behind it, it’ll go all the way to the top. I did have a little disclaimer. I said if he’s behind this, no telling where it will go.”

The Robertson family believes God is the reason for all of their success. As a thank you, they strive to use their large platform to glorify his name. 

The family also believes their candid quality and honesty has brought them such a large fan base. Kay said, “They always say ‘Yall are so real, we can relate to yall’…It’s like somebody they can identify with.” 

Obviously, Phil Robertson was incredibly wrong about the success of Duck Dynasty. The series saw massive success, and to this day still garners millions of fans. However, he was right about one thing-  God’s hand was definitely on this entire adventure.