Missy Has “Shocking” Advice For The Other Duck Wives After The Show’s Ending…


Missy Robertson recently advised wives of duck hunters to “throw themselves into their work” during duck season. The Robertson wife has been posting “Duck Season Survival Tips” on a new website called “Camoflix.”

Missy Robertson’s Work

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Photo by crossmap.com

Missy Robertson does not like Duck Season. She misses her husband, hates the raw meat in her house, and despises the dirty laundry. However, she loves Jase, so she’s learned a trick or two to tolerate this time of year.

In an attempt to promote the new website “Camoflix,” an outdoor-sport-themed video website, Missy has been uploading “Duck Season Survival Tips” for the past few weeks. She hopes to spread the knowledge she’s gained from years of experience with a hunting husband.

Her first tips included hiding hair dryers so the men won’t use them in their boots, exchanging Christmas presents early, and making the men cook the meat. However, this one was a bit different.

Missy advises wives of duck hunters throw themselves into their work. If your man is going to be out for long hours looking for duck game, you might as well have long hours doing something you love also. For Missy, that means directing a school musical. 

Missy’s Holiday Cheer

Missy is already in the holiday spirit and has poured herself into a school production of The Polar Express. The Duck wife has a musical talent like non-other and is great with kids. It makes sense that she spends her time directing these young performers.

Missy wrote on her Instagram, “Today was the big performance by the children at OCS: an hour and a half production of The Polar Express. Every student grades 1-5 participates each year. No tryouts—there’s a place for everyone! Here is the entire 4th grade singing Carol of the Bells during our live show this morning.”

In the video, Missy can be seen signaling hand motions and directing the singers as they sing Carol of the Bells in perfect harmony. It’s an incredibly hard feat to put so many children on one stage. We applaud Missy Robertson for her dedication.