Miss Kay Admits She Really Wanted Daughters…But God “Played A Joke” On Her


Miss Kay Robertson got candid, and admitted she had always wanted daughters of her own. However, she realizes that God might have got it right, not giving Phil Robertson a girl to care after.

Miss Kay Wanted Daughters

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Miss Kay admitted that she’d always hoped to be blessed with a little daughter of her own. Many girls imagine having a little mini me to buy dolls for, dress up, and play tea with. Duck Dynasty fans know that Kay didn’t get what she wished for…she got the exact opposite. Four boys, all full of a love for mud, outdoors, and sports.

Kay said, “With my four big old boys, they were all boy and man. It was balls, you tripped over footballs.And all the kind of balls and everything else they had. Fishing equipment. They did put bull frogs in my bathtub as a surprise for me on night. yes they did put lizards in the bathtub, they had many surprises for me.” 

However, Kay understands why God might not have wanted her to have a daughter. She conceded, “I dreamed all my life about having daughters. And what happened? God makes a joke and gives me four sons. But you know, with the dad that we had- Phil. I just thought, I kinda understand why he didn’t give me those girls.” We see where she’s going with that. Can you imagine Phil Robertson having to help a girl learn about the birds and the bees? Even worse, can you imagine her poor prom date coming to the door scared stiff of her protective father?

Didn’t Quite Miss Out

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Kay’s happy, and feels she didn’t totally miss out on the mother-daughter experience. She pointed out that even Phil got to walk a girl down the aisle. Alan Robertson, the couple’s oldest, has two girls. He conducted the ceremony, and therefor needed Phil to walk the girls down the aisle. Kay joked, “He didn’t get out of doing that…”

Kay’s also happy that her house is now filled with dolls and butterflies, and girly things. She said, “the fact that I have grandaughters, and I have a lot of them too, there are the baby dolls I got to enjoy with them…”

Sounds like God knew what he was doing. Can you believe Miss Kay had wanted daughters all this time?