MAJOR: Duck Dynasty Character Set To Reappear On Phil’s New Show…


Part of the appeal of Duck Dynasty had to do with the crazy cast of characters the show brought to our small screens. Uncle Si, Godwin, Martin- all of these guys were entertaining and funny. Phil Robertson realizes that his fan base likes a little bit of that comic relief- so he’s decided to invite Mountain Man onto his new show.

Phil Robertson Invites Mountain Man To The Woods

Have you been wondering where Mountain Man went? After Duck Dynasty was canceled, we thought we may never see this crazy Duck character ever again. Mountain Man is the slow-talking radio host from West Monroe that often found himself in the middle of Duck Commander shenanigans.

Thankfully, he’s back and better than ever. Alan and Phil Robertson recently announced that Mountain Man will be coming to In the Woods With Phil on CRTV. Mountain Man will bring a comedic tone to the show, which is primarily centered around Phil Robertson’s opinions about the world.

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Many fans have wondered what Mountain Man has been doing since his departure from reality TV. Mountain Man said, “I’m still doing a little radio here and there. Speaking engagements, trying to handle the fort.” Alan Robertson even saw Mountain Man speaking at a country music festival. He said Mountain Man drew a huge following. We can certainly see why.

A Nice Memory

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Phil Robertson also shared his memory of the first time Mountain Man came to the Duck Dynasty set. He recalled, “I saw you walk by, and you had a squirrel. You had a squirrel walking down the road, and I thought ‘Who’s that old cat?'”

Mountain Man added, “I’d been working on Willie’s air conditioner some…” Apparently, Willie had hired Mountain Man as a handyman and saw the potential for great TV. The men set up a scene where MM would sell Willie a squirrel, and the rest is history. 

We can’t wait to see more of Mountain Man’s antics on Phil Robertson’s new show. The two men have great chemistry, and it will definitely make for some interesting content. Will you be watching?