Duck Dynasty Season 11 Premiere is Now Pending


There’s been lots of talk about Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty Season 11 Premiere on A&E. The tenth season of the show was just finished. I wrote some posts about the cancellation of the show on previous dates. The shows standings will be clarified in this post. And I was under the impression the shows cancellation was definite. However, It has been brought to my attention, a definite decision to cancel the show has not been made.

To recap Season 10 of Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson and Korie celebrated their sliver wedding anniversary. Along with their wedding anniversary, they also adopted a boy named Rowdy. There was even a marriage proposal and applications sent in for college. The men even contracted lice in their beards. As usual the family is entertaining and never dull. The possible reason for the pending premier date, was related to recent controversy with Phil Robertson. The controversy revolved around sexuality and gender issues. 

These reasons may not be the only reason the shows premier date has been delayed. Because the unannounced premier date may have more to do with the drop in viewers than Phil’s moral viewpoints. Season 4 had a record high of 11.7 million viewers which is near impossible to beat by any network standards. Then the tenth season premier had a mere 1.3 million viewers according to the network numbers. The drop in viewers may be related to the controversy surrounding Phil’s interview with GQ Magazine. Along with the low retention of viewers, the show also received a low rating of .5.

More On Duck Dynasty Season 11 Premiere

Duck Dynasty Season 11 PremierThe drop in numbers is nothing new however. And many viewers felt Season 9 was of low quality. Some even said the family is running out of gas for fresh episodes. After all, ten seasons is a long run. Maybe the family needs some time recoup and recharge. It also could have to do with a majority of the family venturing into other opportunities. For example, Willie is on campaign to support Donald Trump. Sadie starts her own nationwide tour later this month. And even Phil has roles now in independent, conservative films. At this point, it’s up to the network heads at A&E to determine if there will be an eleventh season.

Also, the Robertsons’ may be the one’s choosing to take the break. It would make sense, considering the long run they’ve already had with the show. This article should clarify on the standings of Duck Dynasty and give you some comfort. There’s still a possibility of watching your favorite Christian family for another season. Keep watching this network to keep updated. We’ll release more on the current state the Season 11 Premier of Duck Dynasty. If you want to show more support for the family, ‘LIKE’ ‘SHARE’ and ‘Comment’ below with your opinion.