Kunal Nayyar grew up in London, England. The Indian actor traveled from England to India and then to Portland, Oregon to start acting. One of his first roles was Gupta in the 2012 hit, Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Ice Age

Nayyar In Sullivan & Son

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Sullivan & Son

From 2012 until 2014, TBS ran the series Sullivan & Son, which starred comedian Steve Byrne and The Wonder Years’ Dan Lauria as his father, Jack Sullivan. The show revolved around the family bar.

Nayyar played Neal/Sanjay on two episodes in 2013 and 2014.

Nayyar As Tony In Dr. Cabbie

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Dr. Cabbie

In Dr. Cabbie, an Indian doctor moves to Canada to start a new life, but he soon ends up driving a cab. The Indian-centric film stars Vinay Virmani, Adrianne Palicki, and Kunal Nayyar.

Nayyar As Sendhill On The Mindy Project

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit The Mindy Project

Back in 2015, Nayyar made an appearance on The Mindy Project, from The Office’s Mindy Kaling. On the show, Mindy plays Mindy Lahiri, a young Ob/Gyn doctor who tries to balance her personal life with her career in a small doctor’s office.

Nayyar In The Smash Hit, Trolls

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Trolls

In addition to cameos and small roles due to his popularity on The Big Bang Theory, actor Kunal Nayyar has also done work on shows like Sanjay and Craig, Fantasy Hospital, and some early College Humor Originals back in the day.

Beyond The Big Bang Theory, the actor also landed a major role in the film, Trolls, from the writers of the Kung Fu Panda series. Nayyar plays Guy Diamon alongside megastars like Jeffrey Tambor, James Corden, John Cleese, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand, Zooey Deschanel and leads Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

The plot, according to IMDB, reads “After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends.”

Have you caught up on these Kunal Nayyar classics?

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