Walking Dead Promises Explosive Mid-Season Finale This Year


Fans Dying To Know What Happens On Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans are picking apart the action-packed trailer for Season 8 of The Walking Dead and there are lots of online speculations. Some of these involve deaths while others simply set up the action in a fantastic way.

Two major spoilers, which come from the comics, are the deaths of Shiva and Eric, which both seem to be indicated in the trailer. There’s a moment where Carl is fighting off a walker, but there appears to be a dead animal underneath him.

In another moment, several people are shot, and the one in the background looks like Aaron’s boyfriend, Eric. In addition, there are lots of explosions.

More Explosions Than Michael Bay

Michael Bay | Photo Credit NoFilmSchool

Metro writes:

“A fan site, however, has captured footage claiming to be from the mid-season finale, which shows an enormous explosion going off in Alexandria. On the post from The Spoiling Dead Fans, it reads: ‘The midseason finale already looking like a Michael Bay film.”

“But who would be causing the explosion? We’re not sure if the show would want to replicate the Alexandria battle in the season seven finale, so perhaps this is a more coordinated and planned attack with deathly consequences?”

Big Predictions For Season 8 On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Whatever happens when the show returns, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have promised an explosive, action-packed season. Last year, we really only got to see big episodes in the premieres and finales, but now they promise more.

The first few episodes of Season 8 should be amazing when the series returns. It looks like Daryl is leading walkers to an area and then, of course, Rick’s group appears to be attacking the Saviors.

We don’t see a lot of the Heapsters in the new trailer, but there’s speculation that they will be heavily involved as well. Some fans even believe that the Heapsters will actually turn into the Whisperers, which is a deviation from the comic.

What do you want to see happen when the series returns?

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