THIS PBS Lesson Plan Is EXACTLY Why Trump Cut Their Funding…


“Dying to be a Martyr”

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Back in March, President Trump was criticized for signing an executive order that would significantly reduce federal funding for the arts. The cuts heavily affected the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which is the primary funder for PBS. But, given the latest lesson plan created by the group, Trump’s cuts may be more important than ever-at least for America’s schoolchildren.

The lesson plan for teachers of students in grades 9-12, titled “Dying to be a Martyr”, is nothing more than a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel indoctrination guide. The “lesson” includes three videos, two of which are called “Martyrdom” and “Suicide Bombing.” The overview of the lesson posted by PBS on their website reads:

“The Middle East conflict and terrorism are issues we hear about almost daily in the news. This lesson will use video segments from Wide Angle’s “Suicide Bombers” (2004), Internet sites, and primary sources to examine the roots of the Middle East conflict. The video contains interviews with young Palestinians who participated — or intended to participate — in suicide bombings. These young Palestinians share the personal, religious, political and emotional reasons behind their participation in these suicide operations.

The website also provides teachers with handouts that are tantamount to…

Islamic Propaganda

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One of the documents is called “Religion and Conflict Student Organizer,” and asks students to answer questions relating to religious conflicts. One of the questions specifically addresses Palestinian’s anger towards Jews and Israel:

“How does history relate to the anger of Palestinian suicide bombers towards the state of Israel and Jews, as seen in the video clips?”

The “Document Probing Student Organizer” asks students to provide answers on topics like the Balfour Declaration, U.N. Resolution 181, and the U.N. Partition Plan. All of which are used to paint Palestinian Arabs as victims in the Middle East conflict. They also attempt to excuse the acts of Islamic terrorists.

It’s no coincidence, that a thorough search of the PBS educational site found no similar lessons that discuss any of the other major world religions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism. Thankfully, President Trump has ensured that taxpayer money will no longer be used to fund leftists’ continued indoctrination scheme in America’s public schools.





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