New “Artwork” Display In Portland To Depict Crucified Trump Dipped In…

President Donald Trump | Photo credit Fox News


Photo credit: Williamette Week

It goes without saying, that freedom of expression is a right afforded to all American citizens. While we have seen the left exploit that right in some of the most despicable ways imaginable (i.e., Kathy Griffin), silencing them necessitates silencing everyone. Unfortunately, that is much too high a price to pay.

However, we do have the right to dispute, criticize, and even negatively review their so-called “artistic” expression. In fact, it has almost become our obligation to do so, if for no other reason than to expose their hatefulness and hypocrisy. After all, they do not have the right to incite violence with their work. This latest piece of art, set to go public in Portland, Oregon on June 22nd, is a perfect of example.

Washington sculptor, James Kelsey, plans to unveil his new piece vulgarly titled Piss Trump. Yes, you read that right. The photography piece, shows President Trump naked, on the cross, and suspended in a tank of urine. The president is made to look like a bloated troll doll, with his blonde locks positioned straight up, and his signature red tie is floating away from his crucified body.

Kelsey is most often recognized for his politically neutral metal sculptures, which he has been creating for public and private buyers for over two decades. This time, however, his work appears to be all about politics. And he is pleased with the notion that people might be offended because President Trump is an offensive man.

“I’m glad they’re offended,” said Kelsey. “Trump was an offensive man and is now an offensive President.” Visitors to the display are encouraged to wear yellow and orange colors. Although we would suggest MAGA hats and t-shirts, that is if you can stomach seeing this stunning display of hypocrisy. There have been two other “art” pieces depicting the severed head of President Trump.

Additionally, he’s been assassinated in a Snoop Dogg video and is currently being murdered nightly in a modernized version of Julius Caesar. Meanwhile, many on the left have accused conservatives of inciting violence and being offensive.

So, to be fair, we have included on the next page, pictures of all the violent and vulgar artwork created with regards to former President Barack Obama. Surely they were…

  • Angel M Figueroa

    Everyone has the constitutional right to openly express how vile and stupid they really are. In, let’s say, Iran, this artist would be publicly beheaded, in North Korea, he and his family would be tortured to death. In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave we simply uphold his right to be an Buttwipe.

  • Anonymous

    What a ass, I doubt he has a hole, but if he did he would be one.

  • FM-USA

    He made me feel bad. Now he owes me LOTS OF MONEY for making me feel bad.
    Do you feel bad too?

  • hiway280z

    He is smiling. Yahshua will wipe the smile off all their faces when they face him for their judgement.

  • lois long

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “t.the” in “comment_content” *]
    Well that is about the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever seen. That just goes to show how totally retarded people can really be. I would hate to think that any one would know I had anything to do with something like that.The country needs to come together and support our President.

  • MNM8892

    I just soo Love how everyone says your’re being negative and you’re too “close minded”. but yet ever since this man’s been in office all I have seen is nothing but HATE and Monsters going at him left and right. Yeah he might be Vulgar, but he doesn’t go around with beheading people and/or saying he wants them dead, or to kill them, does he? Anyone who takes that type of action to anyone are nothing but heartless, inhumane monsters in my eyes. Including this so called artist above. BTW I have never seen any of that artwork depicted of Obama. Idk maybe because it didn’t go as viral as hoping Trump were dead, and/or him being assassinated. Anyone who thinks this way about Trump, or Anyone in that fact are A HORRIBLE disgrace of being called human beings! I pity ya’ll and hope God has mercy on your souls, and if not then I hope your faith salvages you all instead, that is if karma don’t nip ya’ll all on ya’ll’s pathetic, and un-empathetic arses first.

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