Look What Guantanamo Bay Just Turned Into…

Guantanamo Bay
Terror suspect, Muhammad Ansi, says painting helps him express his pain. | Photo credit NBC

A New York City college is displaying pictures of flowers and stormy seas. The artwork, seeming innocuous on the surface, is creating quite the controversy. And it’s not just because they lack artistic qualities. The problem is, they were all done by terrorists.

Apparently, Guantanamo Bay detention center is now a school for budding artists.

The “Ode to the Sea” exhibit, on display at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is a showcase of terrorist talents. All 36 paintings and sculptures were created by eight men held at the U.S. military facility for terrorism suspects in Cuba.

The art was vetted by U.S. government for violent content and hidden messages before it was given to the college. Attorney’s for the men hope the display will show Americans the softer side of the terrorists. John Jay Professor, Erin Thompson, help to coordinate the exhibit.

“I just want to encourage people to look at these paintings. They’re flowers and beaches, and not subversive content,” Thompson said. “It’s not threatening to the United States. I don’t think we should burn bouquets.”

Sure, the paintings aren’t subversive. Neither was the image of New York terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, playing with his kids. Terrorists often paint a “pretty picture” in their communities, before they murder innocent citizens.

Among the Guantanamo Bay terrorists with artwork on display, is Moath al-Alwi and Ahmed Rabbani. Alwi was a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, while Rabanni worked with top Al-Qaeda operatives. So, it goes without saying, more than a few people are expressing outrage over the display.

Painful Reminders

World Trade Towers attacked on 9/11 | Photo credit CBS

“This is absolutely absurd that they would allow them to display their artwork,” said Alexander Santora. Santora’s son, Christopher, was a 23-year-old probationary firefighter who died in the terror attack on September 11.

Not surprisingly, some California residents approve of the display. Kim Manfredi and Chris Blades from Palm Desert, regularly visit NYC and stopped to see the artwork. “”It seems like a basic human right, to be able to make art,” Manfredi said.

And here we thought living free from the fear terrorists will murder you or your loved ones, was a basic human right. The Department of Defense is reconsidering their position, after multiple complaints about the art show flooded their office.